Pasture and Paddock Maintenance / Tractor Operations

ACC Contracting offer a range of paddock and pasture maintenance services to farmers, landowners, livery yards, horse owners, private stable owners and other equine and agricultural facilities.

We can provide large scale pasture maintenance with large 100 – 200hp tractors or small scale paddock maintenance with smaller 40 – 85hp tractors and quad bikes.

Services offered include aerating, harrowing, rolling, sub-soiling, stone burying, muck spreading, fertiliser spreading, herbicide spraying, seed drilling / over seeding, ground cultivation, flail mowing / topping, hedge cutting and baling – but we can also provide other services not listed. We can provide a one-off service or carry out seasonal services as part of annual pasture and paddock maintenance.

Carrying out grassland renovation with a 2m slitter / tine harrow / over seeder combination on the back of a 60hp Kubota tractor.
Flailing down vegetation on a Nature Reserve in the autumn with the John Deere 6150M and 2.5m Teagle flail mower.
Over seeding grassland with the John Deere compact tractor and 1.8m Blec over seeder.

Clearing overgrown vegetation from grazing paddocks with the 50hp Kioti Compact Tractor and a 2.2m flail mower.
Using the 40hp Compact Tractor and 6m herbicide boom sprayer to apply selective herbicide to equine grazing paddocks to reduce the amount of broad leaved paddock weeds.
Baling smaller areas of grassland with the 50hp Kioti and conventional baler and bale sledge.

Please contact us to find out how we could help you with your paddock or pasture.

Cultivating badly damaged grassland with the 50hp Kioti Compact Tractor and a 1.8m Blecavator / Stone Burier to provide a flat level surface ready for seed drilling to create new grass leys.
5 cubic metre muck spreader being transported out on hire for a customer.
Quad bike fitted with mounted and trailed herbicide sprayers for spraying off smaller areas of grassland or areas with restricted access.