Sporting, Shoot and Fishery Services

ACC Contracting has carried out fishery and aquatic improvement services alongside private riparian landowners, the Environment Agency, shoots, fishing clubs, countryside management organisations and rivers and wildlife trusts.

ACC Contracting can provide a wide range of service to the sporting and fishing industry with tractor and quad bike services. We can also provide expertise and services around river bank repair, woody debris habitat installation, pool and riffle creation, timber bridges, shooting hide construction and installation, track / ride and ground clearance, cover crop cultivation and drilling and track grading.

Whether it is a large scale project to improve your shoot or fishery or a one-off service you require, please contact us to see how we can help.

Cultivating ground which has had herbicide applied to it in order to drill game cover crops with the 50hp Kioti Tractor and 1.8m rotavator.
Installation of woody debris on a river in Berkshire as part of an ongoing project to improve habitat in a river previously damaged by dredging and over straightening.

Carrying out riverine habitat improvement with a 13t excavator on our own land – pushing a vertical river bank in to create a narrowed channel with more natural marginal habitat.
The same stretch of river shown in the image above 12 months later – clean flowing, with marginal and in-channel habitat rather than an over-wide silty canal.
Installing willow logs against the bankside on the outside of a bend to prevent further erosion and create marginal habitat.
Clearing overgrown vegetation around game bird pens and shoot buildings in preparation for the start of the shooting season.